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Anti-slip nail profile
- Nov 14, 2016 -
Anti-sliding nail is directly embedded tires surface of tires accessories, to increased tires anti-sliding capacity and security performance of while let tires became more beautiful, anti-sliding nail of style and the function also can for user himself select, currently in Nordic, North America, Russia, area using special widely, main applies Yu winter time more long, ice accumulated more thick of area, addition as off-road, game, this need in various not flat, bad road of place driving of high risk driving way also is need anti-sliding nail of protection.
Different types of anti-slip nails can be used for different tires, the tires of any vehicle can be designed specifically for its non-slip nails, even a skid resistant nails designed for hiking boots, but shoes are slip-resistant measures have many choices for anti-sliding nails do not have absolute competitive advantages, so preventing the use of studded includes car, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.