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Carbide cutting tools and CNC Blade industry advancement
- Nov 14, 2016 -

Carbide is a emerging of tool information, due to its has is high of hardness, and wear sex and compressive strength, has more not mess of chemical sex, anti-bond sex and heat sex, excellent function, its tool of cutting efficiency 5-10 times Yu high-speed steel tool, and can processing high-speed steel tool cannot processing of high hardness information, so in carbide NC blade information in the according to is big of share. Carbide tool NC blade coating technology in modern cutting processing and tool development in the up with is important role, since came out yilai development very quickly, especially in recent years made has major progress, chemical coating (CVD) still is can turned bit blade of main coating process, have development has in the temperature CVD, and thick film alumina, and transition layer, new process, in matrix material improved of based Shang, makes CVD coating of wear sex and toughness are get has improve; and physical coating (PVD) technology also made has major breakthrough And coating equipment structures, processes, automation, and so have made significant progress, developed the high-speed cutting, dry machining, hard coating of cutting heat resistance better through innovation on the coating structure, developed the Nano, multilayer structure, a large number of new coating, greatly improves the coatings hardness and toughness.