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Carbide tools open up high-end market
- Nov 14, 2016 -

At present, the China business through continuous learning and strategic planning tool, has already accounted for half, but business is still in the development process highlighted some fatal problems, if neglected, improper treatment, would have a serious impact on the company's development and the way forward.
At this stage, cemented carbide tool in developed countries have accounted for dominance of the tool type, the proportion as high as 70%. High speed steel tools are contracted at an annual rate of 1%~2%, the proportion has been falling below 30%.
While, carbide cutting tools in China also has became processing enterprise by needed of main tool, was widely to application in car and the parts production, and mold manufacturing, and aviation space, heavy industry field, but China tool enterprise is blind to, and large to production high-speed steel and some low-grade standard tool, completely no consider to market saturated degrees and enterprise by needed, eventually put has high added value, and hi-tech content of in the high-end tool market "away eyeball" to abroad enterprise.
There are indications, our tool currently has annual sales of around 14.5 billion yuan, of which the proportion of cemented carbide tool is less than 25%, but domestic manufacturing of cemented carbide tool have occupy tools required 50% above, this production has been seriously can not meet domestic manufacturing to the growing demand for cemented carbide tool, thus forming a vacuum in the high-end market, was eventually occupied by foreign companies.