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Drill knowledge
- Nov 14, 2016 -

(1). Center bit is generally used to drill before the center point, the front cone 60 °, 75 °, 90 °, tailstock lathe operations in order to support, should be 60 ° Centre drill lathe tailstock dingxin fit 60 °.
(2). spiral bit: a bit for the industry's most widely used, we generally use twist drill.
(3). the super-hard drill: drilling of front end or all made of super hard alloy cutting tool material, used in processing materials for drilling.
(4). the oil hole drill: drill two small holes coolant through the small hole to reach the cutting blade parts, to remove heat and chip use this drill rotation, bit still
(5.) deep hole drill: the first barrel and drilling of stone to guarantee, also known as the barrel of the gun drill. Deep hole drill for Groove, pipe cutting a part of the top one-fourth to produce cutting edge chip
(6). drills reamers: for the needs of mass production, its front end for drills, back reamers, drill diameter and reamer diameter one reaming allowance allowance, also a bit in the mix screw tapping, so it is also referred to as mixed bits.

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