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How long spiral
- Nov 14, 2016 -

How long spiral end of long spiral drilling machine with high bearing capacity, settlement small, average and slow settling velocity and so on. It can accept the degree of vertical loads, loads, pulling force and mechanical vibration or dynamic effects, has been widely used to House Foundation, bridges, and irrigation works. Long spiral drilling machine based classification of engineering end of long spiral drilling machine, often constituted by several piles, pile setting caps, pile into the whole, and passes the load average of superstructure piles. According to the CAP position bump-high pile of long spiral drilling rig bottom surface of the CAP is higher than at the end of the Earth, its force and deformation divisions at the end of low pile of long spiral drilling rig. Commonly used in the engineering of bridges, dock. Low pile of long spiral drilling rig below the bottom of CAP at the end of the ground, common used in house construction. End bearing pile bearing capacity difference means through the weak soil layer and load of the building after passing pile to pile solid layers or strata. More vulnerable soil around the pile to pile the friction effect is very small, the friction of negligence to be negligible. Friction piles are sunk into the fragile soil necessarily effect of friction of pile side soil depth, load transfer dispersed in the soil around the pile, pile and soil also must support effect, pile-tip bearing soil is not very dense, pile in the soil when necessary relative displacement, which has the effect of friction piles.