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The characteristics, scope and application of nodular cast iron
- Nov 14, 2016 -

Characteristics and scope of spheroidal graphite cast iron:
Pearlitic nodular cast iron, have high strength, medium toughness and ductility, higher performance, good wear-resistance and vibration-and casting characteristics of good performance. Through a variety of heat treatment changes its properties. Mainly used for every kind of motive machines crankshafts, camshafts, connecting shaft, connecting rods, gears, clutches, hydraulic cylinder parts.

Application of ductile cast iron:
Plasticity and toughness of ductile cast iron with high strength, its very fast at home and abroad, production has more than steel and malleable iron, after the Foundry of grey cast iron alloy. Graphite in nodular cast iron is a spherical, mostly added to the molten iron can make spherical graphite nodularizing. With ductile iron casting technology production out of products has high strength, and high toughness and low price, advantages, very meet car production of requirements, so, ductile iron casting technology in car production in the get has widely of application, cast State Pearlite ductile iron crankshaft and cast State iron pigment body ductile iron car chassis parts has respectively in China second car factory, and Nanjing car factory and first car factory input using, this also marks China ductile iron production reached has high level. Spheroidal graphite cast iron by highlighting its advantages in the automotive industry, by increasing the level of, believe that in the future, will be applied to various fields of nodular cast iron.

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