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What long Auger CFG
- Nov 14, 2016 -

Long spiral drilling machine, commonly known as: CFG pile, such extensive piling machine, is used for ground and Foundation treatment equipment, suitable for multiple construction of soft ground reinforcement are complex Foundation with new technologies which have been developed in recent years, has been listed as a State-level new methods and national construction codes. So, what is the CFG pile?
CFG pile is the abbreviation of cement-flyash-gravel pile. It is made of cement, fly ash, rubble, stone chips and high bond strength of pile of mixing sand and water to form, and pile soil, forming composite Foundation with cushion.
Test study on composite Foundation of CFG piles are the Ministry of construction "75" program. In 1988, made experiments and used in engineering practice. Test results of CFG pile composite Foundation in 1992, organized by the Ministry of construction and identification, experts agree that the results with the international leading level, promotion means a lot.
CFG pile composite Foundation technology in 1994, was listed as a national key project of Ministry of construction, the State Science and Technology Commission as a national key project. 1997 as a national law, and has developed enterprise standards of China Academy of building research, is now included in the national industry standard technical specifications of the building Foundation, which is in the process of making.
In order to further promotion of the new technologies, national investments specializes in the construction equipment and construction technology, and included in the "95" national key project. Was adopted in December 1999 the State acceptance inspection.
80 of CFG pile composite Foundation used for multi-story buildings, now widely used in high-rise and super high-rise building Foundation reinforcement. Strength of the pile among the C15-C25.