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Broaching Resistance Band Saw Blade Suitable For Sawing Pipes
- Nov 14, 2016 -

Vertical saws, tube, tube shaped tubes are hollow, hollow in the band saws, vertical vibration occurs when the work, in particular multiple materials into harness with cutting, after shake material loose, using broaching resistance preventing vibration of band saw blades can very well. Addition while, hollow pipe cutting Shi by contact of section not uniform, double metal with saw can contact of area will suddenly changes, if with standard tooth shaped with saw in normal cutting rate Xia easy pulled tooth, anti-pulled tooth of double metal with saw, tooth shaped design Shang compared special, used are angle tooth shaped tooth pointed is flat of, can effective solution above problem, is good of extended has using life. Tension field of gear cutting band saw blades used in high efficiency, especially for material cutting accuracy rate higher and high requirement for bi-metal band saw blade service life.