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Chainless Haulage Organizations What Are The Main Advantages And Disadvantages
- Nov 14, 2016 -

Chainless drive system has the following advantages:
1, Shearer moved smoothly and vibration, reducing the failure rate, extend the life of the machine.
2, can be used multiple levels of traction, improve traction to 400-600KN in large inclination (up to 54 °) conditions (but should have reliable brakes).
3, which faces many coal mining machine at the same time, to increase production. Elimination of broken chain accident, increases security.
The weakness of chainless haulage is:
High requirements on the conveyors of curving and undulating, curved sections of the conveyor is longer (about 15 meters), adaptation to coal seam geological conditions change.
In addition, no chain drive mechanism to add approximately 100 mm width, lengthening the bracket control distance.

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