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Characteristics Of Vertical Sawing Machine-chain Drive
- Nov 14, 2016 -

Vertical sawing machine automatic feeding low precision of the manufacturing and installation of chain drive; Center distance is large and the structure is simple. Instantaneous chain speed and instantaneous gear ratio is not constant, therefore less stable transmission, has a certain impact and noise at work.
Vertical sawing machine automatic feeding chain without elastic slip and skid, can keep an accurate average ratio; needs tensioning force, pressure acts on the shaft is also small, reduces bearing friction loss; compact; working in high temperatures, grease and other harsh environment conditions.
Average chain drive gear ratios accurate, high drive efficiency, distance between axis range is large, can be used in high temperature and high humidity environment; but the chain drive can only be used as a parallel axis transmission and its instantaneous velocity ratio fluctuations, the transmission noise. Because the link is rigid, polygon effects (that is, movement is not uniformity), which enables instantaneous transmission ratio of chain drive and cause additional dynamic load and vibration parameters need to be taken into account when choosing chain drive. Chain drives are widely used in transportation, agriculture, light industry, mining, petrochemical and sawing machine automatic feeding.