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Construction Tools Bring Convenience
- Sep 29, 2017 -

Art paint has been in China for nearly three decades, people from the initial understanding of the gradual use of it, from the monotonous tone to the interior decoration of the colorful, never know what kind of paint to eager, more and more families like to decorate their own Room, personally try to give the room "new look" process. So, in the first experience of interior paint to bring the joy of the same time, brushing should pay attention to the following points:

There are three general types of construction tools: brushes, rollers, guns. Corresponding to the commonly used methods are three: brush, roll, spray. Brushing the order from the ceiling, and then the walls, doors and windows, the last brush skirting, window lattice and so on. In the case of

brush method: the most primitive is the most simple and very common. The advantage is fuel-efficient, suitable for a variety of shapes and paint varieties. The disadvantage is inefficient and does not apply to quick-drying paint. If the operation is not skilled, the film will produce brush marks, sagging, brushing uneven phenomenon. In the case of

roller coating method: suitable for large area construction, high efficiency, but slightly less decorative performance. Choose the appropriate length of the bristles Do not allow the paint to accumulate at the end of the drum. From the edge of the ceiling, press the "M" or "W" shape to roll upwards to reduce splashing. After each lacquer, do not leave the wall to get a uniform, parallel paint. In the case of

spray method: suitable for brushing high-brightness paint, because the use of the above two methods of metal foil, it is easy to leave traces, resulting in uneven color effect. In the case of

No matter what kind of brushing method, we must pay attention to the use of primer, both to protect the wall and save money. Primer can make the substrate loose uniformity,Construction Tools improve the coating rate of the finish, save the finish. Primers are much cheaper than pastes, but instead they spend less. Second, the brush once again to help paint to improve the fullness of the film, people feel full color, more texture.

Art paint the rise of late, but it is a long time, in ancient times on the use of lime decorative wall, although not fine wood paint, but also the texture of art! In recent years, art paint, texture paint, wall paint paint, texture paint, wax paint, wallpaper paint, liquid wallpaper, sandstone paint, imitation marble paint and other artistic texture paint magpie rise, Everyone in the texture paint imitation granite paint, art paint has not a complete understanding of the time, texture paint has become fashionable in the north and south. (Wallpaper paint, texture paint, Construction Tools art paint, wall art paint sand wall paint, wallpaper paint, liquid wallpaper paint, new paint) many art paint, to fill the gaps in the domestic paint industry.

1, rubber plate brush. Glue plate brush root rough, thin head, with a good rubber scraper, mainly for drains, drains around, yin and yang and convex more complex parts.

2, sponge plate brush. A small plate brush that is wider than the rubber plate brush (scraper). For the construction of polyurethane waterproof coating, can be large area,Construction Tools one-time,Construction Tools a lot of reciprocating pressure smear. Plate brush is made of sponge plate, and some are made of rubber sheet. Board brush waist soft, brush the best choice of the head is not easy to wear the material produced, head treatment has made flat or comb shape, the handle should be able to make the strength, and easy to slide, easy to grasp.

3, plaster with a trowel or rubber trowel. Commonly used plastering wipes also known as trowel, the use of force to squeeze, the material wiped a lot, the force is too small,Construction Tools the material wiped more, according to the flow characteristics of materials to control the degree of force, to use skilled The On the rubber trowel, is made of hard rubber foam plate wiping shape, punching holes after the installation of complex in the trowel on the floor, usage and wipe like a trowel.

4, roller. It is the same as the base roller. Due to the large viscosity of polyurethane waterproof coating, teaching model of poor mobility, poor coating fluidity, coating only if the sponge plate brush and plaster with a small wiping, brush brush and wiping marks is not easy to disappear,Construction Tools this If you use a roller on the top of a roll, you can get a smooth and uniform coating waterproof layer. After the construction of the roller, use a solvent to clean, do not use paint for finishing.