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Construction Tools Bring Convenience To The Job
- Oct 19, 2017 -

Construction Tools workers with stirring barrels, high-speed mixer, measuring cups, ordinary trowel, professional light knife trowel, ladder, textured paper, such as protection materials, separator, gray board, special mold, air pump set, spray gun set, power supply and so on.

In order to achieve a certain level of grass-roots, scraping putty is an essential process in the basic treatment, generally used scraping coating Construction Toolsmethods. The Construction Tools used for scraping is a scraper. Commonly used scraper is made of iron or stainless steel. (Related instruments: Wire rod Coater) scraper has various models and specifications, according to the shape of the surface of the coating, the size of the choice of large plane or large pits, scraping tu, the use of foot-shaped or wide scraper, to the corners or cracks and small caves repair, the use of thin and narrow scraper, the Construction Tools of the blade scraping on a little putty, while squeezing, While scraping, first with the scraper to the appropriate width scraping several times, followed by the elimination of uneven stripes, so that the thickness of , the final modification of the surface, with a scraper slightly representations flat gently squeezed to eliminate the seam. When using the scraper, make sure to scrape and rub it. Tilt to the surface of the object to a certain angle, along the surface, the blade and the surface of the angle initially maintained in 45 ·, as constantly moving gradually tilted into l5°, at this time Chengzi has been basically scraping, using the blade to the tip evenly, do not force uneven, otherwise will produce seam-like stripes , Construction Tools

The front of the blade is straight, the overall shape is triangular, its use is to plug the into a small hole or cleft, the blade end such as wear or burr should be repaired in time, Construction Toolstools

Shovel blade is a common Construction Tools in grass-roots treatment. In particular, the old grass-roots treatment, mainly used to remove the skin, empty drums, shedding, loosening of the old film or attached loose sediments.