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Construction Tools Good Habits Can Not Only Maintain A Good Combat Effectiveness, But Also Save Material
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Basement waterproof plugging has always been a problem in the project, because the basement perennial below the surface, affected by the groundwater, because the basement has a lot of important equipment,Construction Tools such as power distribution room, cable, some ventilation equipment. We must not only ensure the availability of the basement, but also to ensure that the basement can not leak, has always been a problem, as a waterproof plugging construction workers, I said that the basement waterproof plugging commonly used tools.

First, the type of waterproof plugging tools

1, grouting machine 2, wallpaper knife 3, grouting 4, concrete cutting machine 5, impact drill 6, high pressure cleaner 7, XD- 056 mixer 8, electric lamp 9, hammer 10, curing pump 11, gasoline burner 12 13, soil tools (mud board, scraper, etc.) 14, roller brush 15,Construction Tools plate brush and other tools, metal tools (wire clamp, active wrench, hacksaw, pipe clamp, etc.)

Waterproof plugging is a huge project, after each waterproof construction, the scene of a chaotic situation, after cleaning, a lot of construction workers directly to the tool on a corner of the warehouse,Construction Tools do not pay attention to maintenance, I will talk about the following waterproof How to maintain the plugging tool.

Usually waterproof plugging project is completed, we use a lot of tools, waterproof construction workers are generally careless, when these tools we may not very much attention, always feel that these gadgets have any attention, it is not true.

Second, the waterproof plugging tool Grouting machine

1, such as grouting machine maintenance,Construction Tools grouting machine after grouting, there are a lot of slurry, this slurry must be quickly cleaned, or once the condensation directly lead to the use of grouting machine, and clean up this grouting machine must The use of a special liquid "acetone", the use of this liquid cleaning after the grouting machine does not occur plugging phenomenon, and this liquid has the characteristics of flammable and explosive, need to be placed in a dry and cool environment to save,Construction Tools in the summer Construction of hot weather, prone to security risks, which must pay attention.

2, after construction, some plugging the spirit, filling the slurry, need to re-put the code neatly, plugging the spirit sealed, control knot, grouting cover covered in a cool dry place.

3, sporadic some small tools, blades, gloves classified clear, so that the next use.

A good habit, will benefit,Construction Tools for the waterproof plugging construction staff is the same, good habits not only to maintain a good combat effectiveness, but also save material, reduce the use of cost, to obtain more profits.