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Drill Bit Better Handling
- May 25, 2017 -

1. The irrigation of the oil, with the hairpin or cut in the fracture surface slowly knock out, from time to time down iron 

2. Weld a handle or hex nut in the tapered cross section and then gently reverse it 

3. With special tools: broken wire picker, the principle is the workpiece and the taps were connected to the positive and negative electrodes, the middle of the irrigation electrolyte, resulting in the workpiece to the taps discharge corrosion, and then assist the needle nose pliers removed,Drill Bit the hole damage is very small;

4. Take the steel roll in the tap in the tap with a small hammer slowly knock, tap more brittle, and finally knock into the slag out, or more simple,Drill Bit directly to the screw thread hole drilled boring rotten, re-reaming tapping 

5. If the screw hole can be changed for the position, re-drilling tapping, it is recommended to change the screw hole, and then, if it is difficult to drill, To the original screw hole next to;

6. In the broken cone section chisel a word slot,Drill Bit with a screwdriver reverse twist 

7. The thread hole of the broken tap is drilled and then mosaic of a wire screw or pin or something, and then welded, polished, re-drilled, can be basically the same

8. Electric pulse to destroy, EDM or wire cutting can be, the hole can be re-hole plus steel wire screw sets 

9. Make a simple tool at the same time into the broken cone section of the chip flute vacancy, carefully pull out the reverse, such as the available side of the trench with a taper on the two nuts, with the wire Insert the broken taps and nuts in the empty slots,Drill Bit and then use the hinge bar to exit the direction of the side of the dowel, the broken wire removed 

10. Nitric acid solution can corrode high speed steel taps, and do not report waste parts;

11. With acetylene flame or torch to taper annealing, and then drill with a drill, then drill diameter should be smaller than the bottom hole diameter,Drill Bit the public number: the filter hole should also be aligned center, to prevent the thread drilled, After entering a flat or square punch and then wrench out the tap;

12. With the gas drill reverse to take, thanks to feel,Drill Bit because it is not directly drilled tap, but with a little slow and a little bit of friction to pull out the tap;

13. You can use the grinding machine to sharpen the broken parts, and then drill with a small drill, and then gradually switch to a larger drill, broken wire gradually fall off, after falling off with the original size of the tap to re-attack the teeth, Advantages can not increase the aperture;

14. Wrap an iron bar on the break and then twist it out. 

15. Pry with a tapered tool that is hardened. 

16. Make a hexagonal electrode smaller than the diameter of the cut, with a spark machine on the cut in the processing of a hexagonal counterbore, and then use the Allen wrench twist out. 

17. Directly with a smaller electrode than the break, with EDM machine to play. 

18. with the metal drill bit to play 

19. Now there is a kind of electric processing principle design and manufacture of portable machine tools, can quickly and easily off the screw, broken cone drill out.

20. If the screw is not too hard, you can flatten the end face, and then find out the center point, with the kind of punch a small point up, with a little bit drill first drill, to be vertical, and then use wire cutter Out of it.

21. If you can not buy broken wire extractor, with a little bit of drill to continue to reamer, in the aperture close to the screw, some silk will eat can not eat down, remove the remaining silk teeth, and then use the tap to re-dress on the line.

22. If the screw wire is exposed,Drill Bit or off the screw is not strict requirements,Drill Bit there can be sawed by a hand saw, you can saw the seam, the filter even the shell is saw, and then use a flat screwdriver to unload.

23. If the broken wire exposes a certain length outside, and the mechanical material is not too low, the welding can be welded on the screw welding a lengthened T-bar, so that it can easily screw from the welding rod.

24. If the screw rust is very serious, with the above method is not good to deal with, it is recommended to add a little roasted roasted oil, and then the corresponding way to deal with the above.

25. After more efforts N, the screw is taken out, but when the hole is also waste, simply drilling a greater hole tapping, if the original screw position and size are limited, you can also play a larger Screw into, or direct welding tapping, and then drill a small screw in the center of the hole tapping. But after welding the internal metal structure problems sometimes tapping will be more difficult.