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Drill Bit Increase Drilling Speed
- Sep 29, 2017 -

Drill bit, looks a little one, but it is still very expensive to use the installation. Familiar with it all know. Let's take a look at what it is worth noting.

First drill installation. Slowly put the drill box body, the drill box of the four legs corresponding to the drill into the four holes, according to the drill bit size selection of the corresponding drill box core board, lifting the drill box core board into the drill box body and then Install the drill groove corresponding to the tip of the drill box core plate, the drill bit into the drill box, the drill card is placed on the turntable heart. And then turn on the drill pipe nut.

Then, the drill bit is disassembled. Lifting the drill pipe (with drill bit), the drill box requirements and the turntable connection, lifting the drill pipe slowly so that the drill groove and the drill box core plate corresponding to the tip of the drill bit in the drill box, and then retreated drill pipe, drill bit.

A drill used by core drilling. The steel cylindrical drill body is named after the carbide cutting of tungsten carbide. The shape of the carbide cutting tool and the number of inlayings on the drill bit, the arrangement of the way, the different welding angle, known as the bottom of the blade, the blade and the outer edge, to ensure that there is water and discharge of the gap. The upper part of the drill body is a core connecting the core tube, the side of the drill body is open with a sink, and the bottom lip is also open. Sink and outlet are to ensure the flow of rinse, to exclude the role of rock powder and cooling bit. In order to increase the gap between the clay layer and the shale formation, the ribs are welded to the inner and outer side walls of the hard alloy drill bits. A needle-like cemented carbide self-grinding drill can be used in hard ground areas with high abrasiveness. General hard alloy drill bit drilling rock can be drilling for the Ⅱ Ⅶ grade formation; needle-like carbide drill bit can be drilled Ⅵ a Ⅷ class rock.

In the drilling process, the drill bit is the main tool for breaking the rock, the wellbore is formed by the drill bit broken rock. A wellbore is formed in good or bad, and the length of time used is related to the degree of matching between the drill bit and the formation, in addition to the characteristics of the rock and the drill itself. Reasonable selection of drill bit to improve the drilling speed, reduce the cost of drilling plays an important role.

Drilling bit is one of the important tools for oil drilling. Whether the drill bit adapts to the nature and quality of rock is very important in the selection of drilling technology, especially for drilling quality, drilling speed and drilling cost. Huge impact, PDC bit is today's oil and gas exploration and development industry widely used in a broken Yan tool, which effectively improve the mechanical drilling tools, shortening the drilling cycle