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Drill Bit Industrial Use Is Extensive
- Aug 08, 2017 -

The Drill Bit bit is used to Drill Bit holes or blind holes in the solid material and to Drill Bit holes for existing holes. Commonly used Drill Bit bit mainly twist Drill Bit, flat Drill Bit, center Drill Bit, deep hole Drill Biting and nesting Drill Bit. Drill Biting and countersinks can not Drill Bit holes in solid materials, but they are also routinely classified as Drill Bits.

High-speed steel Drill Bit bit, tungsten steel Drill Bit bit; cutting depth: 35MM, 50MM, 100M; for Drill Biting machine: imported magnetic Drill Bit, Drill Biting, Drill Biting, Drill Biting, Drill Biting, Drill Biting, Drill Biting, Magnetic Drill Bit, domestic magnetic Drill Bit, magnet Drill Bit, Drill Bit iron Drill Bit, steel Drill Bit, magnetic Drill Bit, machine tools, bench Drill Bit, seat Drill Bit and so on. Diameter specifications: 12MM to 100MM; Drill Bit main materials are high-speed steel; powder metallurgy; hard alloy.

Drill Bit axis to the wheel surface oblique 60 ° angle. This angle is the tip of the Drill Bit bit, this angle is not right, will directly affect the size of the Drill Bit tip and the shape of the main cutting edge and horizontal cutting edge angle. This refers to the Drill Bit bit axis and the wheel surface position between the relationship, take 60 ° on the line, the angle is generally comparable to see the prospective. Here to pay attention to the Drill Bit bit before grinding the relative horizontal position and angle position, the two should be balanced, not to settle the edge and ignore the pendulum angle, or in order to set the angle and ignore the pitching edge.

The greater the ratio of the length and the diameter of the Drill Bit bit, the greater the bending tendency. Reduce the aspect ratio, can reduce the flexural force, thus avoiding the Drill Bit break and the aperture error increases. The deeper holes require the Drill Bit bit size to have a larger aspect ratio. Usually more than 3 times the hole diameter is the "deep hole", and micro-Drill Biting hole depth generally have to exceed this limit.

(1) Center bit: generally used for Drill Biting before the center of the center, the front cone has 60 °, 75 °, 90 °, lathe work in order to use the tailstock support, holding should be 60 ° center Drill Bit and lathe tail The top of the seat is 60 °.

(2) Twist Drill Bit: the most widely used for industrial manufacturing a Drill Bit, we generally use the twist Drill Bit bit.

(3) super-hard Drill Bit: the front or all of the Drill Bit body made of hard alloy tool material, used in the processing of Drill Biting materials processing.

(4) oil hole Drill Bit: Drill Bit hole has two holes, cutting agent through the hole to reach the cutting edge part to take away the heat and chips, the use of this Drill Bit general rotation of the work, while the Drill Bit still.

(5) deep hole Drill Bit bit: the earliest for the barrel and stone package of Drill Biting processing, also known as the barrel Drill Bit. The deep hole bit is a straight groove, and a quarter of the strong part is cut in a tube to produce cutting edge chips.

(6) Drill Bit reamer: for the needs of mass production, the front for the Drill Bit, the rear for the reamer, Drill Bit diameter and reamer diameter only reaming hole margin, but also Drill Bit bit in the screw tapping mixed use, so again Called a mixed bit.

(7) Taper Drill Bit: Taper bit can be used when machining the mold inlet.

(8) cylindrical hole Drill Bit: we call it the head cutter, this Drill Bit has a smaller diameter at the front part of the pole called the rod.

(9) Cone hole Drill Bit bit: for the Drill Biting of the tapered hole, the front angle of 90 °, 60 ° and so on, we use the chamfering knife is a tapered hole bit.