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Drill Bit Should Gradually Increase The Pressure
- Jul 10, 2017 -

As we all know, the use of Drill Bit bit is very large, but for the grinding has not been a very good way. Especially in the increasingly lack of skilled workers, grinding bits become very troublesome thing. What is a good way, please talk about the master.

Do you know how much twist the world is going to consume each year? You may not know, I do not know! To know that this figure may be more difficult than knowing how long the cattle are in the end. However, I understand that every year only China exports high-speed steel twist Drill Bit there are more than one billion ah! If the world's annual production of all the twist Drill Bit together, whether it is industrial or home DIY, probably not less than 6.5 billion. In other words, although many people may not yet know what twist is Drill Bited, but flat together, the earth every year to consume a twist it!

In the field of metal processing, more than 100 years we have the enthusiasm and love of twist Drill Bits have not been weakened.

1) In some cases, the key to dealing with the buried Drill Bit is to clear the hole between the bottom of the hole and the upper part of the Drill Bit, so that the bottom of the Drill Bit and the upper part of the formation of the connector to avoid the piston effect, that is, "through." In order to be able to form a connector, usually in the hole to play a few holes than the hole deep hole, with high pressure jet spray spray. For the formation of the road, turn the power head at the same time increase the main rope pull force, it is possible to Drill Bit pipe and Drill Bit bit together. Some of the treatment scheme uses a combination of a reverse circulation Drill Bit and a reaming Drill Bit.

(2) "top" jack jack Drill Bit pipe, is the most commonly used force to deal with buried Drill Bit a law. With a jack need to have a solid platform, and in the Drill Bit pipe on the welding jack, as shown in Figure 3. With 3cm ribs and Drill Bit pipe welding, roof and ribs and Drill Bit pipe welding, and the two roof connection. I-beam with 60 x 100cm specifications, and connected with a connecting plate. Jack control system should be linked to pressurization. General Drill Bit pipe connected to the upper part of the clasp or direct sales, which can withstand the ultimate load of 180kN or so, in the jack linkage pressure to 150kN, should gradually increase the pressure and increase in each 3 to 5kN pressure after about 1h stagnation Soil creep effect play. Press the power head while turning the power head. The use of jacks may have several results: First, Drill Bit all the top of the Drill Bit pipe; the second is the top of the Drill Bit or Doumen damage, Drill Bit pipe with broken Drill Bit bit out; Third, the Drill Bit pipe rod or ring top off Rod and Drill Bit bit to stay in the hole; four Drill Bit pipe from the old cracks at the break, part of the Drill Bit pipe and Drill Bit bit to stay in the hole.

(3) "fried" that hole bottom blasting. If the hole can not be raised after the hole can be used to explode blasting the bit exploded, put the Drill Bit pipe, this method to deal with the accident of the pile hole is close to the design depth, the design can meet the requirements of the bearing capacity requirements, Direct perfusion.

(4) "expansion" that is greater than the Drill Bit bit 10cm or so around the reaming Drill Bit hole to Drill Bit below the bucket door, and then Drill Bit Drill Bit bit fishing. Reaming Drill Bit bit can be used than the original cylinder diameter 10cm small tube restructuring

(5) fishing Drill Bit or Drill Bit pipe can be used "sets, cards, hooks," the force of a law. If the Drill Bit pipe is broken, even the Drill Bit pipe with a Drill Bit hole left in the hole, hole and wash hole after the slag, you can underwater Drill Bit trap Drill Bit. When the depth is shallow when the steel can also be used to take sets of Drill Bit pipe, such as buried Drill Bit deep when the hole to clean up the sediment can be used to salvage cardboard salvage, when the sediment is thick, can also be used to draw, the extractor with self-made steel pin fixed in the three Drill Bit pipe, the bottom of the pot is also fixed in the same section on the same Drill Bit pipe. The height of the straight wall of the salvage should be greater than the height of the Drill Bit bit to ensure that the wire rope welded in it can be slag in place. Clear steel wire rope sets can be fixed in the power head to ensure that the rope and Drill Bit pipe synchronization.

Ordinary Drill Bit bit buried Drill Bit can also be used when the hook under the force of the type, the use of welded rigid bar, Drill Bit directly under the Drill Biting Drill Bit was buried Drill Bit beam, put the Drill Bit.

(6) some depth of the bomb can not meet the requirements or the top of the Drill Bit bit in the hole, the impact can be used to smash the broken Drill Bit bit, the impact of Drill Biting into the hole

(7) in some areas the water level is deeper, and the Drill Bit pipe depth is shallow, can be used under the excavation method to deal with buried Drill Bit. The size of the manual excavation should be greater than the aperture of about 20cm, and finally the Luoyang shovel can be used to dig out the Drill Bit bit circle, the Drill Bit bit successfully dug.