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Mining Tools A Suitable Mining Method Is Very Important
- Oct 19, 2017 -

The concept of Mining Tools method and stoping method is different. In the Mining Tools method, the concrete processes of three main operations, such as ore unloading, ore transporting and ground pressure management, are completed, and their relationship with each other in time and space is called stoping method. Mining Tools technology is different, and the Stoping method is not the same. The Mining Tools technology is a decisive part in the Mining Tools process, so the stoping method is essentially the core content, which reflects the basic characteristics of the Mining Tools method. The Mining Tools method is usually named by it, and it is used to determine the Mining Tools alignment, cutting method and the specific layout of the Mining Tools-cut roadway.

In Mining Tools methods, ore blocks are sometimes divided into ore houses and Tiberium pillars, two-step Mining Tools, first Mining Tools house, post Mining Tools pillar, Mining Tools room from the surrounding pillars to support the Mining Tools space, this form of Mining Tools method known as the room Mining Tools method, to distinguish between the ore-room, pillar, the whole Mining Tools block for a Mining Tools block Mining Tools method. When the condition is advantageous, the ore block also does not divide the mine house, the pillar, but the stoping work is along the direction to the whole length, or along the incline (reverse incline) continuously comprehensively advances, then becomes the comprehensive stoping Mining Tools method.

The purpose of classification of Mining Tools methods is to generalize some of the main Mining Tools methods which are widely used in the vast Mining Tools methods, so that people can learn and master the scientific laws of Mining Tools methods summarized by predecessors, and choose and design Mining Tools methods correctly.

(1) Classifications should reflect the most important characteristics of each type of Mining Tools method and the boundaries between categories are clear;

(2) The classification should be simple and clear, should not be cumbersome and complex, the Mining Tools methods currently being used must be included, and the Mining Tools methods which are obviously backward tend to be eliminated;

(3) Classifications should reflect the substance and common applicability of each type of Mining Tools method as a basis for selecting and studying Mining Tools methods;

(4) It is advantageous to the classification to study, not to be limited by the classification and influence the innovation, it is helpful to know the original Mining Tools method and create the new Mining Tools method.

Because the deposit conditions of the metal deposits are very complex, the nature of the ore and the surrounding rock is changeable, and with the development of science and technology, new equipment and materials are emerging, the new technology is becoming perfect, and some old inefficient and labor-intensive Mining Tools methods are eliminated correspondingly. In practice, a variety of Mining Tools methods which are suitable for the conditions of occurrence of the specific ore blocks are innovated, so there are many kinds of Mining Tools methods and complex forms. Although these Mining Tools methods have their own characteristics, but there is also a certain commonality.