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Saw Maintenance And Protection
- Nov 14, 2016 -

Sawing machine blade used, precise running is important, band saw blades can be used over life span extension of 50%. Fine rolling mill or ground saw blade usually has a very sharp serrated, suppose teeth cannot be gradually grinding to a RADIUS, briefly causing abnormal wear at the first when cutting material pole. : If pushed too much pressure, extremely sharp teeth will crack or collapse of teeth. When the proper break-in, to low cutting speed blade on the saw-tooth form a RADIUS (rounded), the strong resistance of the teeth of the saw blade, saw blade life span is long.

Sawing machines to precise grinding saw blades, first it is necessary to be cutting material and choose suitable for band saw blade speed. Feeding rate dropped below the normal rate in the future. Rate of decline varies by metal grades, between the planning of normal speed from 20% to 50%. Compared with the harder material, soft materials require slower feed rate. To slow down the pace after the initial cut, but be sure serrated chip is attack. During the initial cut, once the saw blade completely into the workpiece, it is necessary to slightly speed up the feed rate. Each do a cut rate will gradually increase until it arrived at the expected rate cut.