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Sawing Machine Installation And Commissioning
- Nov 14, 2016 -

1. sawing machines the hydraulic oil should be added on the foot, sliding and rotating parts greased with a layer of oil.
2. band sawing machine fitted with band saw, adjust the tensioning device (turn the saw frame handles to the left) saw blade tensioner reaches the appropriate level, and adjust the limit switch contacts just blocked iron, is open.
3. cooling water tank enough coolant in Riga.
4. After you do more preparatory work, connect to the power supply, grounding must be standard and reliable, turn on the power switch (on the electrical control box), and started sawing test, in accordance with the sign shown on the spin to the correct wiring, while listening to the sound is normal. Bow down automatically during operation, make sawing down below 0.5~1mm, limit switch met collision block automatically rise when reaching the limit position height is automatically shut down, experiment three times in a row. Operation of control tensioner unit is in a relaxed state, limit switch contact leave hit a power outage shut down, experiment three times in a row.
5. raising and lowering the fuel tank unit, check the bow lifted up and down, is reliable and flexible.
6. check the clamping, loosen cylinder device, check the clip tight reliable clamping, relax is flexible.
7. adjust the speed control knobs, adjustable from 1 (low speed) operation, then speed to 2 (high speed) operation, repeated the experiment three times.
8. main motor power switch turned on, pump start and cooling system working properly. Debugging the valve, check that the cooling liquid is smooth.
9. do more preparatory work, charging clip is locked, try sawn cut.