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Steel Book Shelf Simple But Not Simple
- Oct 30, 2017 -

Although the book may not have Steel Book Shelf, with the development of human beings will put the book on a fixed and convenient shelves, so we can speculate that, like the early Warlords and several simple furniture is the prototype of the shelves.

As the Qing Dynasty noble luxury and noble pursuit of its furniture is also a tedious style. Although the material, the process is similar to the Ming Dynasty, but its anti-strong decorative but with the opposite. We see the unique artistic achievements and tedious and delicate tacky. To the modern, new technology, new materials, new decorative style, new ideas and so on are reflected in the shelves. At the same time, people began to focus on people-oriented, so there have been welcome to different customer needs shelves appear.

This is the peak period of the development of Chinese furniture, furniture in the past on the basis of the Ming Dynasty furniture to the United States, the United States, the United States, the structure of the United States, the United States and the United States, decorative aesthetic aesthetic characteristics. Simple but not simple. Materials are mainly pear, red sandalwood, Qi Zi (chicken wing wood) and so on. Hard wood, not only solid and durable, but also has a natural texture and color, decoration, texture, smell and so on. Process is the use of shen tenon structure, exquisite workmanship, natural lines, decorated less and exquisite. Its bright style of furniture can be simple, thick, refined, elegant four words summary. So Ming-style furniture is not only the pinnacle of Chinese furniture is also a wonderful world furniture. At that time the bookshelf shape almost perfect.

Usually Steel Book Shelf are divided into single-sided Steel Book Shelf, double-sided Steel Book Shelf. The bookshelf can be connected infinitely according to the frame. School books books are generally divided into six layers, of course, according to the situation can also be 4 layer 5 layer, the conventional specifications of each frame is 900-1000 width, single bookshelf 250-350 depth, height of about 2000mm.

The structure and function of the shelves:

1. Chassis is generally sub-modular, with docking and interchangeability.

2. Section, height, width, number of layers and group number can be selected according to customer needs.

3. Powder: electrostatic powder spray, environmentally friendly non-toxic, odorless.

4. Shelf for the frame structure: from the bottom sitting, column, shelf, hanging plate, roof, side guards, books and other parts of the block.

5. Shelf and buckle the support plate, the group after the smooth and solid, layer and layer spacing can be adjusted according to need. Each shelf shelf load, single side of the 40kg, double-sided 80kg, for increased weight. Can be specially designed.

6. Welding part of the use of high standard welding welding, the surface smooth and smooth.

7. According to the national archives of the A4 paper standard of the latest provisions, in order to make the original GB standard size of A4 paper and international standards, need to increase the height of the technical parameters according to the national level file standards and development.