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Underground Installation Of Shearer
- Nov 14, 2016 -

Shearer's installation
1: before installation of Shearer, rolling mounts and conveyor must be installed before, but coal mining machine parts such as conveyor tail into the conveyor road before installation.
2: miner underground installation is performed at the face conveyor. Installation bracket to beam such as fixed to ensure that can bear the weight of the machine when lifting, along with sufficient length and approximately 2.5M width.
3: components of transport order: bottom bracket, around the cutting unit, motor, traction, rollers, retaining the coal Board, boards and pipes, and so on.
4: on the first install the bottom bracket to the face conveyor.
5: haulage unit on the right position and the motor bracket, and screws and bottom brackets.
6: left and right for cutting gearhead on butt to traction and electric motors and bolt fix