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Vertical Sawing Machine Adjustments And Operation
- Nov 14, 2016 -

First, machine: the machine tools installed, before cutting machine tools should be adjusted, as follows: 1 saw band length, according to the technical parameters requirements to prepare appropriate band saw blade, saw tooth type should be selected based on materials, shapes and materials. 2, will be ready on the band saw blade to saw two wheels and into the guide wheel and guide Central and then saw band tension. 3, check the contact is good three-phase power supply, pumps, saws, motor Rotary direction is correct.
Second, the operation of machine tools: cutting adjustments before the preparatory work is completed, you can operate according to the following procedure for normal cutting machine: sling the workpiece to the Workbench with shelf, the workpiece parallel to the work surface, and then move the work piece transport plane position to a fixed length appliance.