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Vertical Sawing Machine In Use, There Is Gearbox Oil Leak Problem
- Nov 14, 2016 -

Vertical sawing machine in use, there is gearbox oil leak problem. Serious oil leakage of the gearbox will not only lose a lot of lubricant and vertical sawing machine itself and its adverse impact on the surrounding environment clean, but also will affect the progress of the work. What is the cause of oil leakage of transmissions? And what we should do to prevent, has been leaking oil of the gearbox to briefly summarise how do I deal with.
Vertical sawing machine gearbox oil is based on three points: first, due to the unreasonable design, if not designed vents or air hole is too small, make it impossible for the internal pressure with the external pressure balance, resulting in oil leaks. Second, manufacturing design does not meet requirements, box joints of limited precision, resulting in lax seal oil leakage. Third, at various jam caused by improper maintenance, internal pressure is too high, too much oil, oil level too high; bolt loose, making box joints are not tight.
To prevention its leak oil, should improved design, in gearbox observation operculum and refueling hole cover Shang added set ventilation device, guarantee box both inside and outside pressure balanced gas circulation Shun; improve box joints and the tie surface of processing precision, prevent box deformation; addition also to do maintenance work, often check and dredge its of ventilation hole, oil volume appropriate, maintenance maintenance box profile points surface, deformation serious is replaced; cleanup back oil slot, tight solid bolt.